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Into Elctro-Rock? Then check out Cairokee!

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Owner of egylearn. Been learning Egyptian dialect for 2 years!
With 10s of millions of hits on YouTube, Cairokee is one of Egypts biggest electro-rock bands.

When I started out learning Egyptian Arabic I fell in love with Cairokee - a rock band from Egypt. They often sing about love, longing and society in general. If you like nice mellow vibes and electronic music then give them a go.

If you enjoy the list below then check out thier YouTube channel

3 Songs I love #

Ana Negm #

A nice mellow song with some deep lyrics. It talks about someone who keeps trying to excel but ends up in circles. He laments about how he has tons of potential but is in the wrong environment.

The chorus literally translates to:

“I’m a star but there’s no sky”

“I have wings but there’s no air”

Samurai #

A cool song about a Samurai who flies around the world with the love of his life. I’m pretty sure it’s just an advert for Uber - but it’s still a bop not gonna lie.

For nice, chill electro vibes give this one a listen.

Marboot Be Astek #

I think this song is about a cat that falls for a woman in a nightclub of hyenas?? Watch till the end for the twist ending!

For real though, I think this is a social commentary on how everyone around us is just keeping up appeareances. Often we think we’re different. We aren’t like other people that pretend. In reality though, we’re just as bad.