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Like smooth Jazz infused with pop? Check out MarSimba from Sudan!

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MarSimba is a unique rap duo from Sudan. I find their music to be quite relaxing as they always use slow instrumentals. They generally have a nice mix of jazz and afrobeat. As they sing quite slowly they provide good learning material - but beware as they use lots of (Sudanese) slang!

If you like the list below then checkout their YouTube channel!

3 songs from Sudan’s best duo! #

Malouf Ayoon #

You ever feel like a song was made just for you? Well I feel like Malouf Ayoon was made just for me. Even though I don’t really understand it this is still one of my favourite songs.

Online #

A guy cheats on his girlfriend and gets blocked by her on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. It’s very sad 😢 😢 😢.

On the bright side, the vocab in here is pretty simple - so it’s great for learning innit!

Kandaka #

The video for this one is pretty cool. It’s just two dudes vibing in an alley way.

They’re singing about this girl they fancy. About her silky hair, her tanned skin, her eyes that start wars… About how she’s killing them with her lack of affection. How they can’t blame their hearts for obsessing over her!

And despite all that they’re still cutting shapes. 8 silky hairs out of 10.